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The Science and Technology Administration Division, under the leadership of the university president and the deputy vice president, takes the responsibility of discipline construction, management of scientific and technological projects, achievements, intellectual property, academic exchanges, achievements transformation, etc., and implements the scientific and technological management under the two-level system of university and colleges(departments). The main duties of the Science and Technology Department are illustrated as follows.

  1. To organize compilation of the long-term planning and annual plans of scientific research in accordance with the requirements of national technological guidelines, policies, educational reform, discipline construction and construction of teaching staffs.
  2. To take charge of the construction of scientific and technological team and scientific research institutes in accordance with the university’s focus on the development of science and technology.
  3. To organize and urge colleges or departments to implement the annual plan of the scientific research; to inspect the plan implementation regularly and summarize and extend timely the advanced experience in scientific research; to put forward improvements in time for the decision -making of the university leaders.
  4. To formulate the management system files of scientific research in accordance with the quality system requirements; to take charge of science and technology project management, including application, evaluation and establishment of project, intermediate inspection, funds management, final inspection and acceptance; to take charge of scientific and technological achievements management such as achievements appraisal, awards and patent application, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promotion, technology service management, including project negotiation, contract signing and implementation, etc.
  5. To be in charge of the management of discipline construction and research base; to put forward the development planning of the university discipline construction; to organize the efforts on key disciplines and research bases at both national and municipal levels, such as review, report, evaluation, inspection and acceptance, etc.
  6. To be responsible for the approval and preparations of domestic and international academic exchanges organized by the university; for the campus-wide academic communication, foreign counterpart exchanges and centralized management of information.
  7. To take charge of organizing relevant activities and liaison, such as the establishment of a variety of institutes and associations both at home and abroad, as well as the scientific and technological exchanges with units outside of the campus.
  8. To develop the alliance of industry, school and research institute; and to organize and participate in a variety of science and technology trade talks, fairs, exhibitions, and other activities of the technology markets.
  9. To work together with related departments in being responsible for the assessment of scientific and technological work of colleges of the university and of the teachers; and for the calculation of the teachers’ workload and the recognition of the teachers’ excellent work and accomplishments.
  10. To be responsible for the compilation and reporting of the Statistics Annual Report on Science and Technology for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Communications; to assist other related departments to redact the “Statistic Almanac of Shanghai Maritime University (discipline construction and scientific research)”.
  11. To assist the Informationization Office in advancing the work of office automation (OA), science and technology information management etc., in compliance with the quality systems.