Leading Academic Disciplines

  • Industrial Economics

    The discipline was established in 1956. It was granted the right to confer master’s degree in 1986.

  • Power Electronics and Electric Drives

    The academic discipline derives from Marine Electrical Engineering Specialty. And in 1986, Electric Drives and Its Automation became a program for master’s degree.

  • Port Mechatronics Engineering

    The subject of Port Mechatronics Engineering was designated as Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project in 2005.

  • International Law(Maritime Law)

    The discipline was established in 1959, ,the discipline students for master's degree have been educated since 1979.In 2000the disciplinebecame the key discipline of Shanghai.

  • Mechanical Design and Theory

    The subject of Mechanical Design and Theory was designated as Leading Academic Discipline Project of Shanghai Municipal education commission in 2002.

  • Logistics Management and Engineering

    Logistics Management and Engineering is a new academic discipline, which is found in 1997 and became Shanghai Subject Program in 2005.

  • Transportation Planning and Management

    Transportation Planning andManagement is Shanghai Maritime University’s traditional advantage discipline, which started to offer master degree education in 1981, became the key discipline of the Mi

  • Vehicle Operation Engineering

    "Vehicle Operation Engineering" is a newly-emerged multi-interdisciplinary subject,and consists of theories and technologies on the quality of Vehicle Operation, and the reliability, monitoring and

  • Marine Engineering

    The discipline originated the Shipping Section of the Shanghai Industrial College under the Ministry of Post and Communications which was launched early in 1909 in the late Qing Dynasty.